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Are you saying: I want maybe...

”I might want… I want maybe… My goal is maybe to do…”

We usually laugh joyfully together in a coaching session when I reflect clients words after asking about the goal between the sessions.

Words are cues of our truth and experience of who we are. That's why it’s important to stop to reflect that what does these words mean to you? What is the true essence behind the words?

When I hear client saying MAYBE, I don't want to assume anything. It’s just one opportunity to clarify things and understanding for both the client and me. Sometimes it has meant that the goal needs to be more clear, the steps smaller, time frame adjusted, motivation / commitment checked, priority changed… or something else. Sometimes it’s just a ”fillup” word.

The main thing is that the client understands and knows her/him/them –self (hirself) better and deeper. This is also the path for the client to discover more hir values, supporting / hindering beliefs, thoughts, feelings, strengths, abilities, etc.

After the laughter (what a rhyme!) the clients usually end up to this state of groundedness, acceptance and honesty about themselves and the situation. Compared to the ”MAYBE-state”, this is more solid ground to build next steps towards the goal.

MAYBE might be just a one word, it can also be an example / metaphor of these small ”doors” that can open up a whole universe of self-discoveries.

During this international coaching week I want to inspire you to stop each day and ask yourself:


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